PHP uasort() Function

The uasort() function sorts an array by values using a user-defined comparison function.

TRUE on success. FALSE on failure

Tip: Use the uksort() function to sort an array by keys using a user-defined comparison function.

Parameter Description
array Required. Specifies the array to sort
myfunction Optional. A string that define a callable comparison function. The comparison function must return an integer <, =, or > than 0 if the first argument is <, =, or > than the second argument




function my_sort($a,$b)
if ($a==$b) return 0;
  return ($a<$b)?-1:1;

foreach($array as $x=>$x_value)
   echo "Key=" . $x . ", Value=" . $x_value;
   echo "


Key=b, Value=2
Key=a, Value=3
Key=d, Value=5
Key=c, Value=7

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