How to Dynamic PHP and html form with qty price and total in table using JavaScript calculations

Today, I am starting to write an article about dynamic invoice forms in PHP because we need this type of form in a professional way and it is very beneficial for project study because we can’t know the actual rows.

Next we have seen how to integrate JavaScript/jQuery auto complete to this dynamically added input fields in table.

HTML and PHP code

<table class="table" id="items">
		<th>In Stock</th>
		<th>Batch No.</th>
		<th>Discount %</th>
		<th>Sub Total</th>
		$product_inventory = $this->Constant_model->product_inventory();
		$totalinventory = 0;

		foreach ($product_inventory as $inventory)
			$totalinventory = $totalinventory + $inventory->subTotal;
		<tr  id="item_row_<?=$inventory->id;?>" class="dynamic_row">
			<td><input id="rate<?=$inventory->id;?>"  readonly="" style="width: 75px;" class="form-control rate" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->purchase_price?>" /></td>
			<td><input size="3" class="form-control" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->batch_no?>"></td>
			<td><input size="3" class="form-control datepicker_class" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->expire_date?>"></td>
			<td><input id="qty<?=$inventory->id;?>" style="width: 75px;" class="form-control pcs" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->ordered_qty?>" /></td>
			<td><input  style="width: 75px;" class="form-control discount" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->discount_percentage?>"></td>
			<td><input style="width: 75px;" class="form-control" type="text" value="<?=$inventory->tax?>"></td>
			<td><span class="net_amount"><?=$inventory->subTotal?></span></td>
		<?php }?>
			<td colspan="8">&nbsp;</td>
			<td>Grand Total Price</td>
			<td><span id="total_net"> <?=number_format($totalinventory,2)?></span></td>

JavaScript/jQuery Code

	$(".table").delegate(".dynamic_row input, select", "blur", function() {

	function calamount()
		totalnetamount = 0;
		$("#items").find('.dynamic_row').each(function (i) {
			var $fieldset = $(this);

			var pcs        = ($('.pcs', $fieldset).val());
			var rate       = ($('.rate', $fieldset).val());
			var discount  = ($('.discount', $fieldset).val());

				$('.rate', $fieldset).val('0');
				$('.discount', $fieldset).val('0');
			var grossamount = 0.00;
			var grossamount = parseFloat(pcs*rate).toFixed(2);
			var discountamt = parseFloat((discount/100)*grossamount).toFixed(2);
			var netamount   = parseFloat(grossamount-discountamt).toFixed(2);
			$('.net_amount', $fieldset).html(netamount);

			totalnetamount = parseFloat(totalnetamount) + parseFloat(netamount);

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