How to Create Dynamic Add/Remove rows with input fields in HTML table using JavaScript

In this article we will create a user interface where user can add/delete multiple rows in a form using JavaScript. In my previous article, I had discussed about the dynamic PHP and html form with qty price and total in table using JavaScript calculations.

In this example, we have created a table which will display our html components. On pressing Add Button, a dynamic row will be created and added in the table and pressing Remove Button, the row will be removed.


<table class="table">
		<th>Client Name</th>
		<td><a href="#" class="item_remove">Remove</a></td>                                
		<td><input  class="form-control" name="request[0][clientname]" type="text"></td>                                
		<td><input  class="form-control" name="request[0][phone]" type="text"></td>                                
		<td><input  class="form-control" name="request[0][purpose]" type="text"></td>                                
	<tr id="item_below_row">
		<td colspan="100%">
			<button type="button" id="add_row" class="btn btn-primary">Add</button>

JavaScript/jQuery Code

var item_row = 1;
$("#add_row").click(function(e) {
	html	='<tr><td><a href="#" class="item_remove">Remove</a></td>\n\
			<td><input  class="form-control" name="request['+item_row+'][clientname]" type="text"></td>\n\
			<td><input  class="form-control" name="request['+item_row+'][phone]" type="text"></td>\n\
			<td><input  class="form-control" name="request['+item_row+'][purpose]" type="text"></td></tr>';

$(".table").delegate(".item_remove","click",function(e) {

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