having() Query in Codeigniter

This tutorial shows you how to write having query in codeigniter. This methods permits you to write the HAVING portion of your query. There are 2 possible syntaxes, 1 argument or 2.

Let’s create a having method in codeigniter

$this->db->having('user_id = 20');  // Produces: HAVING user_id = 20
$this->db->having('user_id',  20);  // Produces: HAVING user_id = 20

You can also pass an array of multiple values.

$this->db->having(array('title =' => 'My Title', 'id <' => $id));
// Produces: HAVING title = 'My Title', id < 45

If you are using a database that CodeIgniter escapes queries for, you can prevent escaping content by passing an optional third argument, and setting it to FALSE.

$this->db->having('user_id',  20);  
// Produces: HAVING `user_id` = 20 in some databases such as MySQL
$this->db->having('user_id',  20, FALSE);  
// Produces: HAVING user_id = 20


Identical to having(), only separates multiple clauses with “OR”.

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